COETAIL – Course 4 Week 2….and proud of it!!!!

I was having an interesting conversation the other night at a friend’s birthday party about email accounts and how to merge them .

Like most people we began, in the 90`s, with either a yahoo or hotmail email account.  Then we progressed to a work email address, then maybe a mac one and finally a gmail account.  At present, I have two gmail accounts – one is for work and the other is on reserve for when I leave my current employer.  My reserve one has only been used for dabbling in Google Plus which still hasn`t grabbed me.   My account is pretty much useless.  I don`t bother with it that much anymore.  I havent been a big fan of Apple`s services and I find it all rather cumbersome – more so than what it should be if you get my drift.  It usually has my electronic receipts in it and spam messages.
Finally I have my run-down, “Failed To Send” hotmail account.
As my friend mentioned to me the other evening , when we compared notes about our IT specialists at work (Alan, past not present!!) they have lashed us with “You still have a hotmail account?” and that is then followed up with,, “Get rid!” and laughter and sniggering.  They do not say but it`s clear I am nothing but a simple classroom teacher and they are the Masters of the Domain, Supreme Overlords of the Server etc. etc…
It`s true though.  My hotmail account is useless.  My mum and older brother are the only ones who use it (along with quite a few bots asking me out on dates and a Nigerian prince who seems to get kidnapped often).
However, for all its current worthlessness, it stills means a lot to me.  It has my memories in email messages dating back to 2003.  It has a cool robot design.  It has Windows Live which I never really worked out.  It also has beautiful emails from mates and past lovers, it has a message from my mother about her breast cancer, it has all my travel arrangements about relocating to Japan and it also has job offers and job denials.  So I really can`t bring myself to delete my hotmail account.  I love it.

So dear reader, have you deleted any of your old email accounts?  How did it feel?  Do you still have a hotmail or yahoo account?  Do you suffer from nostalgia-itis like I do?
Please feel free to comment and share!

One thought on “COETAIL – Course 4 Week 2

  1. Yup. I still have Hotmail as my primary personal email service. It’s horrible. Crashes all the times. Sometimes I can’t cut and copy things. Messages have been lost. It’s lousy. But, like you, I have a personal attachment to it. I can’t seem to say goodbye. In my head, it helps me understand why people hang-on to old-school methods of teaching with technology. Technology is personal. There is no doubt about it.

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