Course 2 Final Assessment

Yes!  There was some finger pointing!!

At the very end of this post you will find my team`s final assessment for course 2.  We decided to have a go at writing a Social Media Policy proposal and User Agreement for our school. Initially we thought It would be easy for us to arrange times to meet since we all work together at the same place however this was complicated as available meeting times and schedules did not match.  However we did communicate well with each other and managed to arrange times.  We split in to two groups with David and I mainly responsible for the Social Media Policy and Vivi and Susan tackling the user agreement.  It is important to note that everybody had input into each document..

We revised other school`s policies and user agreements and discussed and deconstructed these.  In regard to the Social Media Policy, we pretty much wrote our own without referencing other schools.  We drew upon previous experiences in our teaching and learning and we included relevant sections from NETS.

Our User Agreement was based upon the IB Learner Profile and we also included a Google Form as a sample.

Both documents, upon initial drafts, were dissected and rebuilt in the style that the four of us were in agreement on.

We plan on having a break for a month or so and then revisiting these documents before preparing and presenting them to our Head of School who I am sure will accept them positively.  Nevertheless if they are not accepted, this has been an excellent exercise for the four of us and one that will hold us in good stead for other future employers.

Social Media Policy

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”document/pub” query=”id=16cCsVfYyC7HZbaUZtGMv6TcUL42I8BrLQ6JOMGi-PJI&embedded=true” /]

User Agreement

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”document/pub” query=”id=1sdhal_VPo2p4Xc2fAkubAGMiDXdPnorDWQ4QEITtxHg&embedded=true” /]

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