COETAIL – Course 1 Week 1

Week 1 essential readings

I quite liked this article but It really didn`t provide anything startling or too thought provoking for me personally.  Not saying it didn`t come up with some catchy sentences -“We must find our own teachers, and they must find us.”, and “We no longer have to be present to participate”.  (I for one will be using them mos def at my next Grade Level Leaders meeting or even a step further, at the school virtual network meeting next Wednesday if I dare….)  Seriously though it does raise some good question and definitely ones, as educators, we must consider.

In my career as a teacher, collaboration has been the very essence of teacher planning and development of curricula. for as long as I remember.  The tools that we are given today and demanded by school management we use in our classrooms can be quite intimidating for some teachers.  Without proper training and support teachers often flounder and then become intimidated by new online technologies that are considered the “latest”, “new and improved” or “highly recommended”thus causing little advancement of student knowledge and effective usage.

Schools must be aware of proper and support when advocating the use of online technologies in the classroom.  Teachers must feel confident and trained if they are to act as a facilitator or guide in this new age learning.

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