COETAIL – Course 1 Week 7

Course 1 completed.
This Network Educator course opened my eyes.  Not in the sense that I had no idea about what was being taught, but the grand coming together and sharing of ideas of fellow teachers from around Tokyo and Yokohama.  I have remarked several times now that all international teachers should be getting together and engaging – using each other as a resource.  I am well awae of “Job alike” opportunities for specialist teachers to meet and exchange ideas but never for your stock standard classroom teacher  Perhaps this is an area we can initiate?  For one I would like to have closer communication with my fellow PYP middle-elementary teachers in Japan.
Content wise, I thought the course was spot on.  We were fortunate to have Chris Betcher join us for a weekend and he planted many seeds and in which some have sprouted already.  Speed-geeking was a highlight as we not only learnt but we also helped others to learn.  It was great communicating and seeing what other like-minded teachers had to offer.  The articles, I must confess, were not at times an easy read thus me having to read them quite a few times.  Possibly due to tiredness or lack of concentration when I got down to doing my course work.  That`s not  to say the articles were irrelevant and monotonos, but perhaps in the future I should have a dedicated weekend morning time as my reading time……..if it doesn`t get in the way of family duties!!
Tools I use now that I didn`t use before the start of this course.
Google Reader
and obviously wordpress!

The final project task format was new for me .  You can view it here.  I did not feel terribly comfortable doing it as was in a style that was foreign to me.  Having stuck mainly to the pure PYP form when planning I had my hesitations.  However on reflection now I can see how it fits and how it will benefit me in the future if the school (or curriculum coordinator) elects to be involved with Understanding By Design.

  • How did you develop the unit?
  • The unit was one which I`ve  done for a a couple of years.  Last year it was a problem-based inquiry “Are we ready for a disaster?”  With a new teaching team in Grade 3 this year we approached it with a more traditional PYP planning format.  I integrated technology tools I had not used before but was keen to ry.
    • How are you planning to implement the unit? If you were able to implement, how did it go? What would you change?
    The unit is in its final weeks now.  It went very well and got lots of positive feedback from teachers, students and parents.  Parents and teachers who elected to join us on twitter have enjoyed it and children are  currently planning for their summative assessment.  To date, the technology been implemented has been appropriate with little cause for concern.

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    Finally our instructors Kim and Adam were most gracious when answering the most basic of questions.  Not once did they say “It`s in the doc i shared” when confronted with most mundane of questions.  I sincerely hope that the rest of this COETAIL cohort is of the same standard as the first course.  If so, I`m I`m in for one heck of  ride.

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