COETAIL – Course 1 Week 6

Up to a couple of months ago, there were few things in my professional career that were getting me excited.  One could say that I was quite possibly approaching the crossroads of my career.  Whether to start considering a life outside the classroom in the “real” world or to start planning my long term goals as an educator.  Whether that involves actively trying to prepare myself for an administrators life or  looking at opportunities elsewhere in the field of education. I still really hadn`t decided.

Now, to be quite honest, I still haven’t made up my mind.  But since beginning my “technology trip” I can honest;y say I am very, very happy with what I am now doing at work and also connecting more often with others in my field.

First up welcome to Tokyo International School Twitter account for Grade 3.

Our current Uniy Of Inquiry is *Readiness for a disasttter” (How we organise ourselves). Parents and some teachers were invited to tweet in response to this question *How, at home, are you prepared for an emergency?”

We are going to use this tool throughout the year to connect with our parents and invite them to offer advice, links, responses and the like to our 2011/2012  learning journey.  We see this tool as another way of garthering information and of course connecting with those outside the classroom.

Introducing twitter to the parents and teachers triggered an email from a parent about how to view our Grade 3 tweeting page – even though instructions, in print, were provided.  This got me thinking about those instructional videos on YouTube that people provide in regard to any tech problems other uses may have.  People record their computer screen, mouse and voice as they give instructions and post it online.  I thought to myself that the possibilities are endless in regard to communication and instruction.  Needless to say I spent (or wasted according to my arty and creative wife) the next couple of hours investigating online.  First tool I cam across was Screenium.  Downloaded it, opened it, and it crashed.  Opened it and crashed again.  And again.  Anyway moving on.  Next up was a thirty day free trial of Screenflow.  Yup managed to record my instructional video and post it to my account on YouTube however lo` and behold the word SCREENFLOW DEMO appears across the screen for the entire video.

Well that doesn`t look too flash I thought.  Also I wasn`t in the mood to part with $30. So after consulting with my ICT Team I it was suggested that I use JING.  This is a simple but highly effective tool that was perfect for what I was looking for.  After a quick practice vid I now know that I will be adding this tool to my tech tool shed.

So to summarize recently my learning has increased and as you can probably see in my recent posts my excitement for teaching has been injected by a dose of Vitamin T.  I look forward to sharing my new found knowledge and experiences, and applying it to my teaching as I watch the youngsters in my charge create, create and create some more.

Looking ahead, it looks a very busy time for me.  Mama and papa bear arrive on Monday and I have to complete my assignment soonish  as well as update my blog and comment on others.  Also. I am introducing De Bono`s thinking hats to the kids tomorrow.  Fun.  My next blog I want to look at iPad apps.  In particular, a few of my colleagues have been usin Confer app in their reading and writing workshops.  Does anyone else out there have experience with this?

Blog soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing where taking the proverbial ball and running has started to take you. Those are interesting moments when we find a possible solution, then find a dead end, and then find a work-around. The process of finding your own tools for the tech toolshed as you put it is a critical 21st century skill of digital literacy as far as I am concerned. The fundamentals it requires are timeless, however – embedded in pervasive curiosity coupled with the required does of ambition.

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