COETAIL – Course 1 Week 4

“I`m gonna teach one year, 25 times!”

Well no, not really, but this vid really did bring a smile to my face!!
It`s only been  week since The Networked Educator workshop with Kim and Chris and I`m already questioning my usage of tech in my Grade 3 classroom.  Here is  an off-the-top-of-my head list.

I understand its not as extensive as I want it to be at the moment however its only the first month or so of school.  So where do I go from here?  VoiceThread appears to be at the top of this pyramid.

and I do have previous experience with it.  Grade 3 students have enjoyed this in the past and it particularly lends itself to our next unit, How we are organized – Readiness for a Natural Disaster.
I find that there are so many tools out there in cloud world however I am finding it a little difficult to locate ones that are suitable for 8-9 year olds.

I read another interesting article “Shaping Tech For The Classroom”.  The author broke the article into 4 parts –
Doing old things in old ways.
Doing old things in new ways.
Doing new things in new ways.
The main gist of the article, in my opinion, was the commenting of how educational systems are slow to adapt to the new technologies that are being created.  However it is difficult when these new technologies seem to have a snowballing effect.  That is, they ain`t slowin` down for anyone.  They`re getting bigger and bigger and we must consider how we are to evolve as educators with these technologies.  Resistance is useless …… however are we really equipped to deal with this?  Is teacher training taken this into account?  (Something I must research..).  Where I work, among other wonderful things, it is all about equipping students with strategies of how to solve problems – problems that don`t even exist yet.  Without some partial mastery of useful 21st century tech tools, are we doing our kids justice?

Finally, my dear readers, any tools or apps that you can recommend for a Grade 3?  Feel free to share!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tangible links between COETAIL course concepts and the the content of your courses. When my son was in Grade 2 he had some research to do for one of the UOI on an animal, the habitat, life cycle etc. I got him rolling with Delicious so he could share the resources he used with his teacher so she could see what he was looking at for information. Two years later, I would point him to Diigo instead but still social bookmarking for elementary research projects is fantastic!

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