COETAIL – Course 1 Week 2

How my thoughts are changing?

I think its still too early in this course to identify any apparent changes in my thinking in regard to technology in the classroom.  Discovering Blooms Digital Taxonomy was a real find!  One of which that I will be referring too often to ensure the best learning outcomes for my students.  Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project “Messing Around” pg. 20 – 28 was good reading .   Thinking about those students who are not from the same socioeconomic status as the ones I now teach made me smile when thinking about their entrepreneurship.  But it also illustrates the real problem that a lot of students around the world are missing out on opportunities in digital learning.  It was also interesting finding out about just how far reaching the internet can be in terms of….well…….finding out stuff!  You can find just about every user manual,  and most likely accompanying YouTube video (professional or amateur) to solve any technology problem.   Upon further investigation, one would not be surprised to find step-by-step guides to achieving anything.  Be it weight-loss, engine overhaul or making your own fireworks.

Blooms Digital Taxonomy

This article is an excellent resource – one of which that I shall be referring to time and time again.  Blooms Taxonomy was created almost 6o years ago and was revised by a former student at the beginning of this millennium.  This is the first time I`ve come across Bloom`s Digital Taxonomy  and I`m happy to say that quite a few of my summative and formative assessments during Units of Inquiry are of the HOTS (higher-order thinking skills)!

However I was not conscious of this when collaborating with my fellow teacher`s in regard to ICT therefore it may have been an accident of good fortune or perhaps we were guided by our PYP coordinator?  However I tend to think that with all our learning engagements, they are now geared toward HOTS rather than LOTS.


“The pipe is more important than the content within the pipe”.

Connectivism highlights the important skill of being able to disseminate between information that is useful and information that is not.  Information is increasing exponentially and the ability to know which information is critical and which isn`t, is vital.  Having or acquiring knowledge is one thing but connecting it to he people who need it is another.  The ability to create, or have information, and get it to the right people in the right context is a key issue.

Messin` Around

Reading this article made me reflect upon one of my early teenage memories of my mother.  At times I would be on our old Amstrad playing “Arctic Fox” or “Bubble Trouble” (back when games came in a real “floppy disk”) and my mother would come into my bedroom and state that “Mucking around on a computer will never ever get you a job!  Do your bloody algebra!!).

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