COETAIL – Course 4 Week 7

I completed this little project about a week or so ago.  I made a Keynote presentation and then shared it to YouTube.  It was a small presentation on what my ideal school would be like.


Overall I `m fairly happy with it but I think I could have added more into it.  Perhaps I`ll make a Part 2 in 6 months time?  Its important to remember this is not a *fairy-tale” but, thankfully ,some progressive schools around the world have already embraced some of my suggestions.  I dont think its a pipe-dream but aschool that`s opened at irregular hours is not too far away.  Unfortunately I do not see it happening in my home country as the premier has just been quoted as saying that teachers should work more hours.  Like quantity is better than quality right?

Here is a transcript of the presentation for your convenience.

Imagine you woke up one morning with carte blanche to design your own school.  Where you were given a blank check.  Where checks and balances were student centred.
Imagine there was a school that was its very own village, its own self-sufficient micro-community.  A community where all members were learners.  Where the focus was not on learning outcomes prescribed by bureaucrats, but by goals written by students, discussed with families and planned in conjunction with teachers.  Imagine you were given the keys to the kingdom.

Think of a teachers weekly schedule..  Subtract one day for planning and the other 4 would be for connection.
Where school`s would be open from 6am to 11pm to cater for different learner schedules.  Students would create their own schedule with guidance from teachers and families.
Imagine where there would be no need for a flipped classroom.  Where your culture`s learning style, despite western values or ideals, is cherished and nurtured.  Whatever suits the learner.
Imagine a learning village that was true to its word.  Where students would participate in the running of a post office, cafeteria, shop, farming  and groundskeeping.  A place that all members of the school community had opportunities to learn.
A place where you could bring whatever device you learn best with – be it a tablet, laptop, calculator or abacus.
A school that provides ample time devoted to play, and ample time devoted to creativity.
A school that has modern facilities yet that are in tune with nature.  Where natural light features, and closets and cupboards are kept to minimum.
A school that invites student representatives  to all curriculum and staff meetings. which are open to all members of the community.  Where a student council is formed reflective of all learners.  A student council inclusive of students, families and teachers.
Students write their own report cards.  Responsibility and accountability is the key.

A true centre of caring and philanthropy.  A true learning village that devotes 1 in 10 days to community service.  A learning village that is open to all regardless of socioeconomic class.



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  1. I would want to work here. The focus on student learning, play, creativity, service-learning is fantastic. And you’re right, its not a fairy-tale, but something that is actually happening. I hope you help make it happen!

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