COETAIL – Course 4 Week 5

Jamie, Ruth and I had great fun creating the “elevator” presenttion below for our COETAIL group over the weekend.  We were tasked with creating a brief sales pitch on including badges a s an innovative learning tool.

[slideshare id=13042252&doc=badgers-120523060649-phpapp01]

Badges, or trophies, indicate levels of accomplishment in digital gaming.  The rationale for  including them in our digital classroom activities, or requirements, is that it would extrinsically motivate the student.     

It is important to note that neither of us would consider this the panacea for a certain type of learner who was struggling to be inspired (mainly due to the learning engagements provided), but more of a complement  to what the students are already extrinsically or intrinsically motivated.  Be it grades, pride etc..

For further reading on badges and motivation, please read Goldberg`s article.
Dear reader, have you been motivated by badges or trophies?  Do YOU still need extrinsic motivation to succeed?  How could you use this in your teaching?

One thought on “COETAIL – Course 4 Week 5

  1. You actually got me appreciating badges, with your presentation. I’m not in love with badges, but I do know that they are no different than stamps and stickers that every kids up to grade 12 will work towards. Thanks for this presentation (and we still talk about earning Cofinos at YIS)

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