COETAIL – Course 3 Week 5

Ok this is my infographic resume.  Using, I created a infographic resume which is a lot different to my traditional one.  Benefits…it looks good, its easy to navigate, it`s different, it`s clear and concise and it displays a personal knowledge of the many available applications for data visualization.

This is my first real dig into infographics and, as you know, when I blog I like to refer to my class and how I can use tech with my students.  For third grade students I really do not know where I would begin!  Professionally, I see the benefits.  Its smart, engaging and different.

This clever periodic table of Data Visualization Methods provides a valuable resource of the various methods available.

It explains the 6 different types of data visualisation that I had absolutely no idea about!.

Getting back to resumes, its important to note that by using inforgraphics you can create “humanized” resumes.  However, here are a couple of examples of resumes that, in my opinion, are just a little too difficult to follow

Now its important to remember that I am looking at it through a classroom teachers eyes.  Possibly, if you are a games developer this would be an attractive infographic however if I am looking for a well-presented, easy-on-the-eyes visual then I would have difficulty using these as examples.

Earlier in this post I mentioned I do not know where to begin with my students.  Thinking as I type, I have already used infographics with my students – Comic Life, Wordle and Keynote.  Perhaps these other applications like and can be used with middle students to create?  One thing I do want to stress, before students embark on creating an infographic, they must know their information well.

Motion Graphics

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.

Goog blog post – 10 Tips for Designing Infographics

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