COETAIL – Course 3 Week 3

Visual Design and QR Codes

Firstly, a rather amusing look at presentations.  We`ve all been there at some point and, I hate to say, I have been guilty of having some of the same failures as that presenter!


After many years of teaching elementary students I have come to this conclusion.  Kids love presentations.  They love creating them.  They cram all their knowledge onto a few powerpoint/keynote slides, add some sparkly, transitions, mixed with annoying/funny sounds and then read it to the class.  Ok that’s fine.  Everyone enjoys being read to and such, however, getting kids to realise that a presentation should be visual and less wordy, is a challenge.

Firstly it takes preparation.  What are they trying to communicate and how do they want to reach their audience?  Are they trying to persuade, inform or entertain?  Do they need statistics?  Do they need humorous images?

Next, they must consider their audience.  Does the audience need to be read to?  Wouldn`t it be better to have a crisp, clear image that acts a s prompt for the student to inform, entertain or persuade?

Finally they must rehearse it.  Like any good skill it takes practice and delivering presentations is no exception.

Like all good presentations, powerpoint/keynote presentations must be about the delivery  and the preparation.  Adding too many functions or tools to demonstrate your vast knowledge of the application, will leave the audience feeling dazed and perhaps a little confused.

Often the simple things in life are the best.  Minimal text, stimulating images, poignant statements and a catchy “first page” will hold the presenter in good stead.

Below is a presentation well worth watching.

[slideshare id=5038209&doc=stealthispresentation-final-100823082633-phpapp02]

QR Codes

In my last post I wrote briefly about my interest in QR (Quick Response) codes.  After thinking for a while about how I can use them in my class, I came up with the term “Interactive Literacy”.  This week the students, using iPods and iPhones, investigated QR codes and wrote their own using this online generator.  Happy to say I have had wonderful feedback from parents (“write a letter to your mum/dad, create QR code, take specific screenshot, attach to email,send”) and teachers (interactive display outside the classroom).  In the next two weeks I want to create a treasure hunt around the school using QR codes.  Will post about that in the future.

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