COETAIL Course 2 Week 6

Introducing me!

So I belong to a tribe.  In fact, I belong to many tribes.  Just like you – the reader of this post – belongs to many tribes.  I belong to the “Expats Living In Tokyo Tribe”, “Australians Living Abroad Tribe”, “Those who prefer Dr Pepper to Coca Cola Tribe”, and of course “I Prefer Summer To Winter Tribe”.  Below using Mindomo, I created a very general concept map using mindomo that shows some of my broader connections.

As you can see there are many and they are just the broader ones.  We are connected through our tribes.  Many of our tribal members are found in different tribes and we ourselves are members of many tribes.  To be a functional member of a tribe one must bring something to it.

Introducing brand Travis

Now I had a bit of a difficult time creating this.  No problems finding words to describe me however with a bit of assistance from my lovely wife, I settled on these three –

PASSIONATE – I am passionate.  My wife thinks so, I think so and so do a lot of my friends. I am passionate about education, my family, Prisoners Of Conscience, my football team and childrens welfare.  I still get upset and frustrated by the loss of life on 3.11.

CREATIVE – Perhaps this one should have been renamed IMAGINATIVE.  I have a vivid imagination.  I imagine things and I lose track of time.  I solve problems by talking out loud to myself.  I create learning engagements for my students which require Higher Order Thinking Skills.  I create problems and solve them.  I am beginning to use my artistic talent to create.

THINKER – Sometimes too much.  I I think therefore I am.  Better to think than not at all.  As I  am getting older I prefer not too holiday in places like Europe, but ome where quiet and relaxing so I have nothing to but eat, swim, jet ski and think…..

My brand is who I am and who I want to be known as.  It is positive and reflects what I stand for and it leaves people under no illusions as what I am capable of.  

However my digital artistic talents are not up to the same standard a s a graphic designer but hey, at least I gave it a go.

My personal brand is evident in the learning technologies I use in the classroom.  I use VoiceThread, Mindomo, Wallwisher, Google Docs, Creative Commons etc.  I encourage and teach children to think, and also to think about their thinking.  I want them to create – not remember.  I believe education is about creation not regurgitation.  I want children to have passion about their learning.  I want them to share my love of learning with them.  I want them to want to come to school.  I want them to develop their own brand.  I want them to want to be who they are and what they want the world to see them as.

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