COETAIL – Course 2 Week 5

Firstly a big thank you to Google for celebrating their successes with this video clip of personal back-slapping…no mention of Google Wave though!!


Some pages worth visiting-

The World Wide Web is a connected community that has been growing exponentially since its first formation.  Being connected is now not an option – it is a requirement.  From paying your bills, reading the over night sports results from around the world and from being in your Grade 3 class, people=s lives  have changed because of the development of connectedness.  Google Maps allow us to find a cafe nearby, Jorudan, helps us plan our travel around Japan there are many Apps that have made our lives more convenient.

However, has the convenience of connectivity made us just a little lazy?  Has it made our minds and brains just a little bit more mushy?  Or has it indeed opened a different route of acquiring information from our minds.  I like to think that this connectivity convenience has indeed inspired us to reflect and think more on how we acquire information.  As a race, we are not making ourselves more lazy.  We are developing tools just like they did thousands of years ago, but instead of shovels and wheels, we are creating connections.

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  1. I think living in a different country can really compound our reliance on these tools. Since I’m relatively new to international schools, I find it difficult to think about living somewhere else without the benefit of Skype, Google maps & translate, email, Facebook, etc.

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