COETAIL – Course 2 Week 1

“How can we teach students and teachers to celebrate themselves and their beliefs so that their digital footprint represents a picture of someone they are proud to be”

“It is also important not to confuse managing a digital footprint with being hidden or private.” –  Teaching Kids to Manage their Digital Footprint

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How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]
Taking Care Of Your Digital Self
Calculate Your Digital Footprint
Most Companies Use Social Media For Recruiting, Says Survey

Right, as I read through the articles……….. the more I wanted to do it.  Something I have never, ever done before…….Google myself.

So, after taking the laptop upstairs (scared what Mrs Travis would find) I found the following……..

Not too bad!!!!  My twitter account is there but ideally I`d like this blog to be on the list.

Now lets get more specific…….

Again nothing…………what about images?

Oh no!!  Obviously photos 3 and 4 are of me but I am the one responsible for the pic of the Canadian rioting in Vancouver!!!!!  Probably not the most appropriate photo due to the amount of destruction and injury however I only did it to stir up my Canadian mates who pride themselves on being likeable and peaceful!!!!   Probably should replace that pic at some point.

Managing my personal digital footprint/profile/reputation has been on my mind since I became an active Facebook user.  Notably, I found a couple of photos people had tagged me in which were taken quite a long time ago – pre responsibility days.  I “untagged” myself and politely asked them to remove them.  Since they were mates, they had no problems doing this. Fortunately I have not been a victim of any undesirable photos or comments from others and I sincerely hope this continues.  One does not want to live in a bubble but one should be aware when the digital cameras and camera phones are pointed in one`s direction nowadats.

In all serious though, what I really enjoyed reading aboutt in some of these articles was hearing about suggestions about people TAKING CONTROL of what is being put on the internet.  It seems there was a theme of empowering people rathee than protecting them…. and rightly so!

Footnote:  After Googling myself I did something with my wife`s permission – I Googled her.   Let`s just say there are a few Japanese exotic models that share the same name as her……and no I won`t share the pics.

Note to self – keep safesearch on.

One thought on “COETAIL – Course 2 Week 1

  1. Empowerment is the key. The goal should be to have the things that you want people to see (like this blog) at the top of the list, and to also be aware of what else is out there that might be not so positive. It sounds like you’re already taking active steps to make sure that the good stuff is front and centre!

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